The overall purpose of this Regional Forum is to raise awareness and promote reflection on the opportunities and challenges that AI and its correlated technologies pose to societies, governments, organizations and citizens. The conference will also explore the potential of AI in relation to the SDGs, particularly as regards the role of UNESCO in enhancing evolutions in the fields where the Organisation operates within the wider UN and societal ecosystem.


Anfiteatro Camargo Guarnieri - USP
Universidade de São Paulo - R. do Anfiteatro, 109 - Butantã, São Paulo - SP, 05508-060


Find below a list of suggested hotels nearest to meeting venue. We do not take responsibility for any issues during the business relationship with the hotel. For further information and to make reservations, please contact the hotels directly. The prices mentioned on this page are for reference purposes only. Please confirm prices with the hotels, they are subject to change without prior notice. The room rates do not include taxes and other charges.

Hotels with Special Rates

1. Radisson Blu São Paulo
Distance from hotel to meeting venue: 6,8 km
Address: Av. Cidade Jardim, 625 - Pinheiros
Tel: +55 11 2133-5960
E-mail: reservas.rbsp@atlanticahotels.com.br

Discount code: USP2019
Discount Rates*: 
10% discount on website rates: http://www.radissonblusaopaulo.com.br 

Terms and conditions:
Add 5% of ISS (tax) and R$ 4,65 tourism fee;
Breakfast included;
Parking not included (R$ 28,00 per day for guests);
Rates do not apply for special event periods. In these occasions, dynamic rates may be applied;
Non-commissioned rates;
Apartment categories and rates upon availability;
Check-in: from 2:00 p.m. / Check-out: until noon;
Payment: Cash, credit/debit card or billing (with approval of registration and credit);
The values may be adjusted without prior notice. 


2. Meliá Jardim Europa
Distance from hotel to meeting venue: 7,2 km
Address: Rua João Cachoeira, 107 – Itaim Bibi
Tel: +55 11 3702-9600
E-mail: reservas.jardim.europa@meliahotels.com.br

Discount Code: Just inform by e-mail that you will go to the UNESCO Event
Discount Rates*: 
Deluxe King/Deluxe Twin SGL R$ 469,00 / DBL R$ 509,00
Supreme King SGL R$ 499,00 / DBL R$ 539,00
Green Floor King/ Green Floor Twin SGL R$ 509,00 / DBL R$ 549,00
Grand Premium SGL R$ 549,00 / DBL R$ 589,00

Terms and conditions:
Add 5% of ISS (tax) and R$ 4,65 tourism fee;
Breakfast included;
Parking not included (R$ 30,00 + 5% ISS per day);
Rates do not apply for special event periods. In these occasions, dynamic rates may be applied;
Non-commissioned rates;
Apartment categories and rates upon availability;
Check-in: from 2:00 p.m. / Check-out: until noon;
Payment: Cash, credit/debit card;
A reservation guarantee will be required for all bookings by completing a form.

*RATES VALID FROM 11/12/2019 TO 13/12/2019

Hotels without special rates

1. Pullman Vila Olímpia
Distance from hotel to meeting venue: 7,8 km
Adress: Rua Olimpíadas, 205 – Vila Olímpia
Tel: +55 11 3049-6622
E-mail: H8942-RE@accor.com.br / H8938-SB4@accor.com.br

Note: The hotel operates dynamic rates, check the current rate on website.

Terms and Conditions:
Add 5% of ISS (tax);
Parking not included (R$ 27,00 + 5% ISS);
Apartment categories and rates upon availability;
Check-in: from 3:00 p.m. / Check-out: until noon;
Payment: Cash, credit/debit card or billing (with approval of registration and credit); 

2. IBIS Styles SP Faria Lima
Distance from hotel to meeting venue: 4,6 km
Address: Rua Taváres Cabral, 61 – Pinheiros, São Paulo-SP
Tel: +55 11 3093-7200
Email: Ha1b6-re@accor.com.br

Note: The hotel operates dynamic rates, check the current rate. There is a difference in values between phone and online reservations. 
Rates from R$ 299,00 to R$ 322,00

Terms and conditions:
Add 5% of ISS (tax); 
Breakfast included;
Parking not included: R$ 25,00 per day;
100% non-smoking hotel;
Please check the daily rate through the central reservation channels, website or telephone.


Useful information


Bus lines
SPTrans is responsible for the bus lines in the city (http://www.sptrans.com.br/). Their website is only in portuguese, but their bus lines schedule database is integrated into Google Maps, so you can easily query the best bus lines for a given route.

Subway (Metrô)
The subway station that is closest to the meeting venue is Butantã. The subway map is available at http://www.metro.sp.gov.br/en/your-trip/index.aspx


The city of São Paulo is served by two commercial airports: Congonhas, and the International Airport of Guarulhos – Governador André Franco Montoro. Access to the city from the airports are provided by taxi, transport apps like Uber and Cabify or by an airport shuttle service. There's also shuttle service between the two airports and strategic places (like bus stations, center of city and subway stations). The service cost around R$ 40,00 (approximately US$ 10).
More info at: https://www.airportbusservice.com.br/

For more information about the airports, please see the INFRAERO website – Brazilian airports: http://www.infraero.gov.br/ 

São Paulo International Airport - Guarulhos
Rod. Hélio Smidt s/n
São Paulo - SP
Office hours: 24 hours
Tel.: +55 11 2445-2945
Distance to the meeting venue: 41 km
Support available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Congonhas Airport (domestic flights)
Av. Washington Luís s/n
São Paulo - SP
Office hours: From 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
Tel.: +55 11 5090-9000
Distance to the meeting venue: 15 km

Shopping Malls

São Paulo has about fifty shopping malls distributed over the whole city. The event area has many options and others only 10 to 25 minutes away by taxi.

Butantã Shopping
Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 2718

Shopping Villa Lobos
Av. das Nações Unidas, 4777

Shopping Eldorado
Avenida Rebouças, 3.970

Shopping JK Iguatemi
Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041

Shopping Vila Olímpia
Rua Olimpíadas, 360

Morumbi Shopping
Av. Roque Petroni Jr, 1089

Market Place
Avenida Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 902

Useful & Emergency phone numbers

MAIL (LOST AND FOUND): (11) 3003-0100

Tourist Police Station (Deatur) - headquarters
Rua da Cantareira, 390 - Centro, São Paulo – SP
Tel.: +55 11 3257-4475
Monday to Sunday: 8am to 8pm

Deatur - Guarulhos Airport
Tel.: +55 11 2611-2686
Office hours: 24 hours

Deatur - Congonhas Airport
Tel.: +55 11 5090-9032 / 5090-9043 / 5090-9041 / 5090-9038
Office hours: 24 hours


Find below a list of private hospitals nearest to meeting venue.

Next Hospital Butantã
Av. Professor Francisco Morato, 719 – Butantã, São Paulo – SP, 05513000
Tel.: +55 11 3003-1333

Hospital Albert Einstein
Av. Albert Einstein, 627 - Morumbi, São Paulo - SP, 05652-000
Tel.: +55 11 2151-1233 ‎(6,4km)

Hospital Santa Paula
Avenida Santo Amaro, 2468 - Brooklin, São Paulo - SP, 04556-100
Tel.: +55 11 3040-8000

Hospital e Maternidade São Luiz
• Itaim Unit
Rua Doutor Alceu de Campos Rodrigues, 95 - Itaim, São Paulo - SP, 04544-000 ‎
Tel.: +55 11 3040-1100

• Morumbi Unit
Rua Engenheiro Oscar Americano, 840 – Morumbi, São Paulo - SP, 05605-050
Tel.: +55 11 3093-1100


The São Paulo water supply is compliant with international standards, but due to the strong taste of chlorine we advise drinking bottled mineral water.


Banks are open weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm. They are closed on weekends and public holidays.
Before departure, visitors are encouraged to check whether their credit and/or cash cards are accepted with their local bank.
Automated teller machines (ATMs) can be found almost everywhere. Some machines provide 24-hour cash withdrawal (BRL) facilities for major credit cards.


The Brazilian monetary unit is the Real (R$). The currency rate is available in every daily newspaper, followed by the American dollar exchange rate used in international business transactions.

Cash money and traveler checks, especially in U.S. dollars, can be exchanged in almost every bank, exchange places and hotels. All major credit cards are accepted in Brazil and some stores accept foreign currency. Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express are accepted in almost all commercial facilities.

Currency exchange is available in the following addresses:

Cathay Cambio e Turismo
From Monday to Friday – 10 am at 6 pm (to send money 10:30 am until at 5:30 pm)
Saturday – 10 am ate 2 pm (to send money 10:30 am until at 2 pm)
Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 2718 - Loja 002 (Butantã Shopping)
Tel.: +55 11 3726 6967

From Monday to Saturday - 10am at 5:30 pm
Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089 (Morumbi Shopping)
Tel.:+55 11 5181-7386

Day Câmbio
From Monday to Friday: - 10am at 8pm (to send money until 7 pm)
Saturday – 10 am at 4 pm (to send money until 3 pm)
Avenida Doutor Chucri Zaidan, 902 (Shopping Market Place)
Tel.: +55 11 5182-2420

Congonhas Airport Agency
From Monday to Sunday - 7 am at 10 pm
Av. Washington Luís, s/n, Santo Amaro, São Paulo/SP.
Tel.: +55 11 3003 2180
PS: All services related to currency exchange.

Guarulhos Airport
Rod. Hélio Smidt s/n - São Paulo - SP
Office hours: 24 hours
• Banco Safra
Terminal 2 - Departure - Check-In D, International Arrival - Restricted Area
Terminal 3 - Departure - Check-In G, Departure - Restricted Area
Arrival – Area Restitution of Luggage
+55 11 2445 7137 / 2445-7044
• Banco Safra
Terminal 2 - Departure East - Check-in D
+55 11 2445 2868
• Banco do Brasil Exchange
Terminal 2 - Check-in C
+55 11 2445 2155
• Cotação Exchange
Terminal 2 - Mezzanine Check-in D and E, Departure, Arrival
+55 11 4002 1010

Parks, Zoo and other interesting locations in São Paulo

Parque do Ibirapuera
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral s/n- Vila Mariana,

Parque Severo Gomes
Rua Pires de Oliveira, 356 – Granja Julieta

Parque Burle Marx
Avenida Dona Helena Pereira De Moraes, 200 - Parque Do Morumbi - São Paulo - SP

Parque do Povo
Avenida Henrique Chamma, 590 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo - SP

Parque Alfredo Volpi
Rua Engenheiro Oscar Americano, 480, São Paulo, Brasil

Praça Victor Civita
Rua Sumidouro, 580 - Pinheiros

Parque Villa-Lobos
Av. Prof. Fonseca Rodrigues, 2001 - Alto dos Pinheiros

Zoológico de São Paulo
Avenida Miguel Estéfano, 4241 – Vila Santo Estefano

Aquário de São Paulo
Rua Huet Bacelar, 407 - Ipiranga

Safety measures

As in any big city, personal safety is an important consideration. Hence:

• Keep an eye on your luggage. Use large and colorful labels to identify them easily on airport conveyor belts or delivery booths.
• Exchange your money only in exchange houses in airports or authorized banking agencies. Do not accept help from strangers, such as porters and agents in airports.
• Only use official taxi stands or taxis from the cooperatives recommended by the event organization. Always keep the windows of your vehicle up, particularly at night, and always ask your cab driver to keep valuable belongings, such as laptops in the trunk.
• Always keep your belongings in sight, particularly in open areas, like restaurants, snack bars, parks and even in the event’s venue. Don’t let purses, bags or cameras hanging on chairs or on the floor.
• Don’t disclose your personal data to unknown persons
• Avoid carrying passports and travelers checks when you go for a walk or a drive. In the event of a lost, theft or robbery, report the fact immediately to the local police.
• Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry and watches. The same applies to large amounts of money; try to have the right money separated in advance for small expenses.
• For your peace of mind, use the hotel’s safe to keep valuable objects, your documents, passport and airplane tickets, and use photocopies of your documents when you go out.
• If you go out for a walk or to public and open areas, keep your belongings near your body and avoid going out alone. Please refrain from going out on the streets carrying your notebook or other electronic devices.
If you need to go to an ATM machine, preferably use those located in malls (shopping centers) or banks. Avoid cash machines on streets or dark places. If you need help, always ask an employee of the bank.



Institutional Support

Special Cooperation


For questions, suggestions or clarifications please message the following email address: adm.cetic@nic.br.